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Solar water heating solutions

Solar geysers SA is a leading solar geyser supplier in South Africa.

Striving for reliable solar geyser products

In order for Solar Geysers SA to supply innovative solar water heating geysers that makes our lives more comfortable, Solar Geysers SA develops and offer high-quality solar geyser products while also, focus on the most important details when it comes to demand and problems. We at Solar Geysers SA are dedicated to only provide the highest-quality and most reliable solar geyser products to South Africans.

Solar Geysers SA services

Solar Geysers SA has the expertise to meet your solar requirements. Our SA solar geyser experience came from years installing SA solar geysers and also, the training of our staff to be knowledgeable on all the latest technologies in the solar water heating industry.  Solar geysers SA have a team of dedicated sales personnel as well as, SA solar support teams who will always be ready to assist you with any question on query you have.

Solar Geysers SA - SA Solar Geyser Supplier

Solar Geysers SA stock and supply SA solar geyser products as these systems are well proven and are made locally with all the necessary tests and inspections in order. We don’t believe in selling lower-quality imported solar geyser systems to anyone. Our main goal is to provide all our customers with a working and reliable solar geyser product which will last them for many years to come.

Solar Geysers SA Green Water Heating Solutions

We supply low and high-pressure SA solar geysers

Solar Geysers SA is a sustainable, alternate energy solar geyser company. We supply a wide variety of low-pressure SA solar geysers, high-pressure SA solar geysers as well as, SA solar geyser conversions kits. We have been installing and supplying SA solar geysers for the past 15 years. All our SA solar geyser products have been approved and certified by Eskom. Also, all the SA solar geyser products we supply, are SABS approved and also, qualify for Eskom rebates.


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If you’re interested in SA solar geyser conversions, Low-Pressure SA solar geysers, High-Pressure SA solar geysers, or flat-panel solar collectors, we have it all!

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