SA Solar geyser Certificate of Compliance

SGCCB Certificate of Compliance

Solar SA Certificate Of Compliance

SGCCB Accredited

SGCCB Certificate of Compliance (SGCCB Plumbing CoC)

SA Solar Geyser installer Certificate of Compliance

We only aim to do certified high-quality work at the SGCCB. We only accredit level 4 internationally acknowledged accredited plumbers who also are level 4 solar installers and internationally acknowledged with at least 4 years of solar installation experience.

Some institutes will accredit level 2 and level 3 hot water solar installers with no plumbing background and no international credibility.

We only aim to provide the highest quality of workmanship to meet international standards. SGCCB has an independent audit board that will be audited annually.

This is the provide the clients with the highest quality hot water installation according to the SANS regulations.
Notice: this certificate is only applicable to SA solar hot water systems from 03/01/2021 for guarantees and warranties.

How the SA Solar geyser certificate of compliance (CoC) from SGCCB works

The installation company will require the following:

  • Address
  • Full names & RSA ID no.

All documentation and pictures of the installation should be sent to SGCCB and the installer will issue them with a certificate that should be completed and sent to SGCCB and the client. Each certificate will have a unique number for control.

The CoC certificate was brought forward for high-quality workmanship from the factory SGT which complies with the highest possible international standards.

The regulations may differ from municipality to municipality as there are no municipality certifications for hot water systems, therefore, we brought in the SGCCB CoC certificate to meet the highest standards for the client’s advantages. This SGCCB can be used for insurance, estates, houses, and all dwellings for high-pressure solar hot water systems.

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